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Péter András: Székelyföld szépségét hirdető gyopárok

Pictures painted with pastel, for which the creator chose dark substructure to make the white colour of the edelwiss also called squill prevail.

Since András Péter ( works as a social assistant in a hospital and meets lots of needy people, he experiences the process of the creation as a kind of psychological rehabilitation of his freetime. When he deals with the flowers and paintings, he escapes from that painful reality experienced during his work. Root, rock and moss are emphasized in his paintings. He is of the opinion that these meaningful elements carry the origin of Seklers because roots symbolise the persistency, the flower marks that we live, lived and will live. The meaning of the Transylvanian door is equal to the arrival home and setting off from home at the same time. Primarily, the migrants select the topic about Transylvania expressed from motherland to their remote walls. His paintings were brought to New York, Australia, Portugal, etc. in this way.
András, who lives in Csíksomlyó, got his first edelweiss roots as a gift from orphans 15 years ago. He thinks that there are similarities between the flower and its givers, whereas this simple plant lives on the top of rocks lonely such as orphans under tough conditions. However, just this modesty and desire to survive make the edelweiss the princess of flowers and this spirit gives wings the reclused to soar up emotionally.
He planted it with love in his garden, guarded, took care of and propagated plants. It is well known that the edelweiss remains beautiful after crinping as well, thus it is suitable to decorate souvenirs. Framed pictures, in which some flowers with moss can be seen, has been painted for ages but András did not want to copy anybody's work. Therefore, he returned back to drawing skills of his childhood and started developing that. The prominent element of the composition is edelweiss and the message is enriched by quotes.
He is very creative character. His dreaming from childhood was to play chess on a board that is not spindled by machine. He sat down at the table and made all his chess figures with a pocket knife in a single winter. He tried out the clay too in his formative years, made graphite drawings and learnt to play guitar without any knowledge of music notes.
By taking the Biblical messages seriously, he believes that the God endowes you whatever talent, you shouldn't waste that. Although he doesn't consider himself a talent but he is proud of that his artworks are unique in the world. He try to paint everything whatever he is asked for. Depending on profound debriefing of his clients about what kind of occasion they intend to give the pics as gifts painted by him, he recommends ideas and accomplish his works.

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