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Quilling, TájGazda

The ancient Egyiptians also held the paper in high esteem. The paper was expensive, valuable and every millimeter of that was evaluated. Later, more and more paper was manufactured in surplus

by development of technics, the apperance of bookbinding and the cutting of bookpages. French and Italian nuns and monks recognized the inherent potentials in these paper strips. The fallen pieces were rolled up, formatted and religious-themed things, gilt-edged covers, more and more beautiful artworks were created for the ruling high-life. Thereby, a new art form, the quilling technique was born. In fact, it was favoured  in Europe , in the 18th century as elegant ladies' hobby. Nowadays, this popular creative techique is experiencing a renessaince again.

Quilling witch (boszi), that is Edit Pencze started to deal with rolling up of paper strips a few years ago. ‘My sibling bought a set of jewellery which made with quilling technique. I immediately felt in love the technique.' - told Edit. Since then, she has rolled the paper strips in different colours and sizes in her  freetime. During the rolling of these paper strips, Edit relaxes for a few minutes, for hours and she can escape from the hectic noise of the World.
The method, itself is easy to learn, you needn't carry out it by sophisticated equipment. Those who can't allow themselves to spend too much, can feel free to give it a try. The most important element is the tailor-made paper strips but you need a quilling slotted pen and a few glue as well. You can make different ornaments and articles for personal usage in this way. The quilled strips embody colourful flowers, leaves, animals, landscapes and several shapes. Edit use 4 mm strips for her crafting from which she mainly creates jewellery as well as Christmas tree ornaments, candle holders, wall pictures, badges, gift cards, fantasy pictures. At the beginning, she tried copying the samples found on the Internet but nowadays she is brought forward by her own fantasy in her work. She doesn't plan, her ideas comes during creating. It led her to put aside a creation under preparation because she can't the proper continuation, the inspiration.

Edit is very proud of her each creation. If you had to highlight some of them, those would be the design with Kalocsa and Matyó styles. It came as a great honour for her when the Hungarian Magazine Praktika published more photos of her Christmas tree ornaments and won a competition with one of her fantasy design. Many thanks to Hajnalka Valler for the first inspiration and to Mrs. Pinter, Zsuzsi for useful advice and kindly answers for her seemingly silly questions, praise and for pushing her forward in this way. She is very grateful to Zsuzsi for all help and useful inspiration.

She would like to continue developing in the future and create new works. If she has an opportunity, she would love to teach the quilling. Anybody can learn it and create quite beautiful and interesting pictures, things in their theme. In addition, it has beneficial effects on developing the fine movements of hands.
Whoever is interested in Quilling boszi's works, in visiting and talking to her, they should participate at the beginning of the exhibition, at the Headquarters of Trade Association in Békéscsaba, 15:30 pm on 11th of October, 2016.

Very welcome to everyone who is interested in this technology and would like to learn more about it!

Marietta Szekeres

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