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Banyakemence, TájGazda

The use of furnaces raise back the very late 13th century. They became popular for their  quality of construction and storage heater abilities. The first furnaces were built in the Asian steppes,

where they were used mainly for baking and cooking. In the course of eras that they could be apporpriate also for heating, smoking and roasting. Generally, the residents created the furnaces together in the fields. Later, furnaces became more popular and widely used in family homes. My grandparents had one, too. I still remember the smell of the baking rolls and pumpkin spreading in the air.

Károly Pósa, who lives in Szabadka, builds furnaces, terraces and old-fashioned structures. He doesn't spend too much time at home, as when springlike weather arrives, he leaves for constructing the newest furnaces and stoves. In many points of  the Carpathians, he met many families, and he built them the furnaces or fairytale-houses they dreamt of.

Before Károly started this profession, he worked with masons and carpenters through several years. During the years he was a pupil, he gained a lot of experiences in these fields. Yet the monotony of masonry prompted him to try new ctrafts. So, in his freetime he stared biuld furnaceses and ..... He received a lot of support from his father and grandfather, since they had also worked as furnace-makers for a long time. He learnt how to build this indispensable tool using the simplest and most natural materials, mud and straw. Now he takes on this knowledge adding his own personality. Károly is fond of art folk, folk music what he uses in his job. The motifs of art folk are performed in the ornaments he create. He feels lucky having the job he really enjoyes. More and more orders come that he considers to be a great honour. He loves this job which is very exhausting sometimes as every customer want their furnaces to be ready as soon as possible. But building a furnace takes long time and sometimes even the weather pulls the process back. Károly doesn't mind it, may it be his biggest problem. He always tells people: "Keep calm, I will come to you soon" - he says.

Hex-furnaces and Fairytale-houses. Checking the pictures, they are really amazingly created buildings, recalling fairytale memories. Beside creating terraces and furnaces, Károly also likes to renovate or build country houses. He prefers using traditional materials inserting old objects. He works in the entire Carpathian Basin if accomodation and food are provided. He loves to create his building on his own from the first steps until the last movement. During the process, his father helps him, but they have an assistant also. What is more, if the cutomers are open for taking part in the procedure, it is fine by Károly.
Recently, he turned his attention to building strawbale-houses and wood-carving. In the winters, he makes furnitures, benches, tables and structures of wood, as they cannot be harmed by cold weather.

In the recent years, many familes put their trusts in him that makes him very grateful. I am convinced, these families are also very thankful to him for making their dreams come true. You can learn further interesting infos on building of furnaces and strawbale-houses in the video below.



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