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A homoródalmási kézműves sajtok, TájGazda

These cheeses are made in different way of manner of fresh, raw milk from pasture of full value: ample choice of variations in melted, soft cheese to the smoked, matured ones.

Each is available in different flavours based on their own recipe; just to mention some of them, you can distinct a type of cheese matured in red wine, several types of mouldy, with garlic, pepper and mixed with spices and there is the maker's love and harmony behind the flavours of the all. (
Kálmán Huba Sándor started to make cheese at his young age, 5 years ago in their family farm. He namely decided to carry on dealing with the family business that his father and grandfather started with two cows and a little tractor after the 1989 turnaround in their privatised property. They could boast a livestock numbered 30, 15 milking cows as a result of their work by 2008. After Huba joined, there are 22 milking cows and the livestock grown with calves and heifers amount to 50. The main type of the agricultural enterprise became diary production but the sale of milk meant ongoing problem because milk factories delivered a low payment with several months of delay. A cheese making course was organized by the Council of Harghita County and the Chamber of Agriculture which his father also enrolled for. Since he didn’t have time to participate, he sent his son to Miercurea Ciuc. Huba didn’t know anything about the cheese that time but the class was very practical: here is a pot, the milk and the rennet and let’s make different kind of cheese from these things. He was getting to like the course very much. Then he began to think of that there is milk in their possession and they can get out of the previous dependent position. The cheese-literacy class was a week-long and then he spent twice a fortnight with masters who taught him. He took his two apprenticeships at Ferenc Kiss’ little cheese manufacture in Körösladány and at Tamás Sándor’s manufacture in Eger. He made the first cheese of his own in Hungary after a month. Following that the goodies, which were matured at the cellar, were made at his grandma’s summer kitchen. Since then he managed to build a little cheese manufactory which is a licensed diary for now, tiled, equipped with stainless tools and next to it, there is a fermenting ware. The base were set up as a workshop, you can see through a window the whole process of the cheese making. At the beginnings, he started with 338.14 oz pot and they process 6763 - 8453 oz milk a day nowadays and even 16907 oz milk a day in summer. They don’t dream of further growth. Instead, they intend to buy a refrigerated car to carry their products safely. At the same time, they would like to move the animals from the village to the nearby farm.
Huba was grown in Odorheiu Secuiesc but he spent every vacation of his childhood and most of his weekend in Almaș. When he had a choice between being employed at a company and commuting or getting by somehow in a village he chose the last one. Seemingly he decided well. The cheese making is a craft you can like. – says Huba. Flora, who left Hungary to cohabit with him and help him with everything, is the proof of that he is also amiable with all of them. There is more and more people who love their products. Their reputation is known among tourists and more visitors from Cave Almaș pops in to taste cheese served with vine and apple. They are in fairs almost on every weekends and roam around the major producer’s market in Seclerland.

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