Újságpapír: egyeseknek hulladék, másoknak érték, TájGazda

‘A craft mommy is just like a normal mum, just a head and shoulders above the rest," I read before that in a newsfeed. Indeed, there is a realistic basis for this statement.

Tiled stoves back again, TájGazda

Fireplaces, tiled stoves and furnaces are back again. Development and seemingly abundant fossil energy displaced them out of use. In the sixties of the last century, cheap electricity was used

Mandala, TájGazda

When I write about someone or their work, I always try to immerse in the photos taken of their work and look profoundly at them meanwhile I pay attention to my feelings aroused about them.

Steixner bőrmíves mester, TájGazda

Heritage in leather - as the leather craftsman says. The first photo that grabed my attention shown a sabretache with a unique pattern. Then the further pictures I saw also amazed my fantasy.

Pantelics Angelika, mézeskalács - TájGazda

The power of the love was to help and bring her forward. The making of the gingerbread dough needs tiny, patient motions to deal with, not the hurry-scurry.

A homoródalmási kézműves sajtok, TájGazda

These cheeses are made in different way of manner of fresh, raw milk from pasture of full value: ample choice of variations in melted, soft cheese to the smoked, matured ones.

Banyakemence, TájGazda

The use of furnaces raise back the very late 13th century. They became popular for their  quality of construction and storage heater abilities. The first furnaces were built in the Asian steppes,

Quilling, TájGazda

The ancient Egyiptians also held the paper in high esteem. The paper was expensive, valuable and every millimeter of that was evaluated. Later, more and more paper was manufactured in surplus

Péter András: Székelyföld szépségét hirdető gyopárok

Pictures painted with pastel, for which the creator chose dark substructure to make the white colour of the edelwiss also called squill prevail.

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