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Kálnoky kúria, TájGazda

The little village of Transylvania, Miklósvár (Micloșoara) keeps treasures leading our sight back through the centuries. According to the legend, in the 13th century, a Székely man (we can say, Transylvanian)

called Kálnoky saved the life of the king of Hungary. Namely, a bear attacked the king, and the archor of the hunter saved his Majesty from the death. As the sign of his gratitude, the king offered the title of nobility and the land of Miklosvár to his Székely resquer. From that time, the connection between family Kálnoky and the village of Miklósvár became solid and lasts even in the present days.
The construction of Kálnoky-castle was started in the 1500's. In those years, it was the hunting house of the family. Since the area of the properties of the Kálnokys had been expanded, a family house was needed. A castle with late-renaissance style was constructed involving very cosy rooms. The renaissance-styled stone-carvings made the walls look very eye-catching and stunning, just like the window- and door-frames graved of red andesite or the window of the bastion decorated with tympanum and strias. All the sides (except the western one)  were strenghtened with bastions. During the next decades, the building was enlarged and reconstructed. In the end of the 90s, the building was transferred back to the descendants. Due to Tibor Kálnoky and his family, who had just got back from Germany, important reconstructions could be started. By the summer of 2016, the Kálnoky Funds succeed in renewing the mansion.
For now, as all the reconstructions have been finished, the family would like to invite the public in order to introduce them the building, the country life, and their history. They would  like to bring culture inside the castle and in the village, what is more, to 'put Erdővidék on the map of Romania'. Their plan is to open a museum on the groundfloor of the castle, conquering the hearts of many turists. To reach this goal, they have already started to collect old objects, pendants, furnitures. One of these latters is given by Jenő Szepessy. Two guest-rooms will be prepared on the ground-floor. Various social and family programs can be organized in the winery, where a renovated renaissance owen can be found. The experts renovated three owens following  17th century descriptions. These owens are located in different rooms in the castle.
The little pond behind the building was also brought into its original shape as much as it was possible. An enormous English garden surrounded the castle, of which only a few species of plants remained. The resurrection of this renaissance garden is also under process. Benches are exchanged, trees, herbs, flowers are planted. Documents kept from 1698 provide help in the reconstruction. These documents also contains informations  even regarding the type of fishes dwelled in the pond.
At the moment, visitors can find accomodation at the local guesthouses. These guesthouses are all cosy and friendly. Food is cooked by local housewives who faithfully follow the traditions of the local cuisine. An other important place in the village is the pub, where turists, horse-riders, visitors gather. In the other part of its building, products of the local craftmen and farmers can be purchased.
According to the slogen of the Kálnoky-family, NON EST MORTALE QUOD OPTO, that is 'Won't Die Who Trusts'. It means that who believes, fights, that person won't be forgot, won't pass away, but keeps on living in the present and coming days, just like the Kálnoky heritage during the centuries.

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