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Erdély legnagyobb harangja Ditrón, TájGazda

If you arrive in the Basin of Gheorgheni from the direction of Maroshévíz, you will notice the twin-tower church of Ditró from far distance. The richness of the settlement, the faith and the taste of locals

are reflected in the neo-Gothic basilica with its 56m lengths, 23m width, 75m tower height. It is intended to accommodate up to 3,000 people, but there is capacity to accommodate 5000 people too.

The church was built between 1908 and 1913 by István Kladek, a construction entrepreneur from Subotica in cooperation with and based on the blueprint made by the university professor and architect, István Kiss. The confessional chairs made in Gothic-style and the entire furniture of the church created by Endre Thék, one of the interior designers of Hungarian Parliament and cabinet-maker from Budapest. He was also rewarded at several world exhibitions. The church organ with 25 registers pneumatic system was built by the Rieger Company, the stained glass windows were painted by Miksa Róth, the main altar is decorated with sculptures carved of marble from Carrara. It’s four bells were made by the Walser company in Budapest. The great and the two smaller ones were carried away in the World War II. The southern tower of the temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is empty since then.

The biggest bell of Transylvania was remoulded in Imre Lázár's workshop in Odorheiu this year and it has been replaced these days. Forwarding the bell from the bell-maker's workshop, the blessing and the placement made inhabitants in Ditró join forces. The bell was copied after the broken predecessor of Saint Steven, 99 years ago. The bell made by Imre Lázár, foundry master and the equipment needed to the contraption weigh 25q, the bell-clapper weighs 110 kg. The grand bell was welcomed with applause and music by the celebrating crowd, and the decorated bell accompanied on foot up to the large churchyard where they banged it before placing it on the scaffold being in front of the church. Bishop György Jakubinyi blessed it at the mass linked with fair and an entrepreneur from Ditró undertook the hoisting and mounting for free of charge. ‘The ding-dong will call for purgation, rebirth and unification’ – reassured the locals, the incumbent, Baróti László-Sándor. Since then the new bell has been gonged so that the residents couldn’t forget that the southern bell is not empty after 99 years and substituted by another called after the Heart of Jesus.

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