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Békés megye egyetlen

In the boundary of Nagykopáncs which belongs to Tótkomlós, in Békés county, Hungary, we can notice a church encompassed by fir trees in the middle of prairie. The church was built in the Árpád era,

in the Romanesque style of the Century XII.
Later, in the course of enlargement, Gothic elements were added, e.g.: the parts of the western railing and the doorway. The chapel was used until century XIV-XV then it went decay. The church is under protection; St. Gellert is the patron saint.

It was decided to start archeological excavations around the church and in the vicinity in 1932. During the excavations, it was found that most part of the temple was destroyed. The bottom of the walls was engraved and carved in several patches. Because of the multitude of cracks, the ruin became life-threatening. Only the entrance wall remained with the two corner pillars and two 190cm sidewalls joining on both sides. During the excavations, tiles, bones and brick bits also were found. On the course of works, crypts, side buildings, tower structure were searched for, but they found a medieval cemetery instead. After the excavation, the old walls were reconstructed. Bishop Gyula Glattfelder hailing from Csanád County sacred the renovated chapel in July, 1936. Several renovations were carried out on the building in the later years. Its roof structure was burnt down in 1998 but it was completely rebuilt. The church opens its doors two times a year for the sake of a Mass, on one day of Pentecost and on Farewell day. However, they prefer to receive and lead groups around upon prior check-in. You can observe lampions on the original walls and parts of the church. These lampions are placed by the visitors by expressing their respects and commemorating in front of their loved ones. There is possible to take a little walk around the chapel and barbecuing as well.

Thanks to Ibolya Zsoldi, Mrs. Rédai for the pictures!

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