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Háromkút az elzárt csángó település, TájGazda

There is a little village at the foot of Hășmaș, near Terra Siculorum and Moldavia. The settlement, which is difficult to reach, is located southward, 15 km far from Bicaz Gorge,

32 km far from Ghimeș main road. The place behind God's back is wonderful! As for public administration the settlement lying on the border of Harghita és Neamţ county belongs to Damuk, Hungarians pay taxes to Lunca de Jos and vote there. The priest comes from Gheorgheni and children study at boarding schools in Lunca de Jos or Gheorgheni. There is no asphalt road hereabout, you can get to the picturesque valley of Bicăjel Creek on a rather bad way. The village was developed from the Csangos’ accomodation who were coming to graze.
Trei Fântâni was given a name after three springs flowing close to each other. The most important and most beautiful abundant karst spring called Hot Spring breaching at the foot of Hășmașul Negru and flowing into Bicăjel Creek and houses lining up sporadically on both side. Ouasi 50 families live on left side, mostly Hungarians. Some Romanian families live on the other side. The inhabitants of the village are predominantly Csangos. It is a lively community and there are more kids in every family. Consequently, a grocery shop was remade into school several years ago. The enthusiastic teacher was hardened by the fate; she had to fight against a leaking roof, then the school was hit by flooding when a bridge, cars, animals and everything were drifted away by the swollen river in a downpour. After its restoration, the wooden building of school was burnt. Meanwhile, more and more people became acquainted with the place, and many benevolent people contributed to building of a new school. The training was not paused, the teacher also joined the supporters and supervised the construction. About 30 children of the Hungarian community of 180 members attend new, modern school. It was exemplary the cross-border assistance, as people joined forces so that elementary schoolchildren and preschoolers could study in Hungarian in their remote home village. László Köver, the member of the Hungarian Parliament was present at the inauguration who contributed to the construction personally. The people living there get by farming and livestock breeding, and the peaceful landscape is a tempting place for those who like to relax. The pine trees rising above the village are part of the Hasmas Nature Reserve.

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