The castle of Boldogkő, TájGazda

Human hands sometimes are able to create unbelievable things. I often think about how churches and castles could be built in ancient times, in the Middle Ages in the absence of modern technology.

Busójárás, TájGazda

The Busó festivities are held in Mohács (in southern Hungary) every year. The marching of the Busós is a six-day carnival in February to symbolize the end of winter and welcome of the spring.

Háromkút az elzárt csángó település, TájGazda

There is a little village at the foot of Hășmaș, near Terra Siculorum and Moldavia. The settlement, which is difficult to reach, is located southward, 15 km far from Bicaz Gorge,

Erdély legnagyobb harangja Ditrón, TájGazda

If you arrive in the Basin of Gheorgheni from the direction of Maroshévíz, you will notice the twin-tower church of Ditró from far distance. The richness of the settlement, the faith and the taste of locals

A fiatalos erőnlét elixírje, TájGazda

I remember, how funny we thought in my childhood, that poppy-seeds stuck between our teeth. Now, as I have grown-up, I would not consider it to be funny, rather embarassing

Kökény, TájGazda

We took a trip to the town of Gyula, Hungary with the female members of my family. On our way, we noticed that men were pruning out something from the bushes along the way.

Kálnoky kúria, TájGazda

The little village of Transylvania, Miklósvár (Micloșoara) keeps treasures leading our sight back through the centuries. According to the legend, in the 13th century, a Székely man (we can say, Transylvanian)

Békés megye egyetlen

In the boundary of Nagykopáncs which belongs to Tótkomlós, in Békés county, Hungary, we can notice a church encompassed by fir trees in the middle of prairie. The church was built in the Árpád era,

The slovakian water mill on river Danube, TájGazda

Several cultural, nature interests are unrevealed in Csallóköz. Like the watermill and also its complexity around you can find in southern part of town Gúta. The mill occupies a peninsula which the backwaters

Hadik kastély, TájGazda

Close to the Slovakian board, in the Bódva Valley lays the little village named Tornanádaska. The village and its enviroment has been possessed by the Gyulay Family since the end of 18th century.

Gödény halom, TájGazda

The single lowland plains is broken here and there by prominent hills, called Cumanian mounds. The locals gave a special attention to these hills throughout history.

A Megyer-hegyi tengerszem, TájGazda

The most beautiful natural landscape in the Hungarian Zemplén Mountains is the Megyer-Hill Tengerszem. Both the human and the forces of nature played a role in its formation.

A Gyilkos-tó

Red Lake is a unique natural rarity. It was formed after a landslide, located between the Eastern Carpathians, 26 km far from Gheorgheni. Due to rains in 1837,

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