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We took a trip to the town of Gyula, Hungary with the female members of my family. On our way, we noticed that men were pruning out something from the bushes along the way.

Getting closer, we realized that they were picking fruits of blueberries. Then I started to think about what the fruits are made for. During the research, I've been embracing a lot of useful information that I would like to share with my dear readers now.

I have memories about the blueberries from my childhood as I was wandering in the nature in fall and picking a single berry from the bush. After, I tasted the promising delish fruit. I had to be disappointed, because I must spit it because of rather an astringent flavor of it instead of the delicious taste. As an adult, I know how healthy and useful herb the sloe is in addition to its attractive fruit and bitter taste. Moreover, several delicacies like tea, syrup, sauce, jam, liqueur, brandy can be made of it but it can be also edible raw or it is tasty in dried form too. Due to the stability of the wood, golf clubs and walking sticks are made of it.

The wild growing blueberry (Prunus spinosa), the huckleberry shows similarity to cranberries at most because of its tiny, blackish blue colour and peachy fruits. The fruit related to plums starts to ripen from September but it is worth waiting with the reaping until it becomes frostbitten because the pulp is mushy at this time and it loses its bitterness and get a slightly sweet taste.

According to physiological effects, it is rich in vitamin C, beneficial for the cardiovascular system, immune system-booster and kidney cleanser. Tea made from its flower is a great diuretic and laxative stuff. The infusion from its leaves alleviates sore throat and heals swollen tonsils. Its fruit helps to eradicate digestive disorders, and it is effective against intestinal catarrh. Decoction from the bark has an alleviating effect and can also be useful for fever suppression. Flavonoids in the plant can reduce the risk of cancer. In case of diet, the meat of the berry is essential by its fat-suppressive effect and regulation of the metabolism. Due to its detoxifying and blood cleansing effect it can also be used to eliminate skin rashes.
It is important to know that it can only be administered under medical supervision! The compound of hydrogen cyanide in the leaves and the nucleus - easily recognizable due to its bitter taste - can cause toxicity at high concentrations, resulting in breathing difficulties.

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